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Replacement burglar proof locks

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Damaged door lock after break in

Do you know that 95% of doors in Ireland are at risk to cylinder snapping or bumping and that burglars can now open locks within 15 seconds!

Lock bumping is an undetectable crime and insurance companies may refuse to pay out.

It’s time to protect your home and valuables by replacing your existing locks with secure anti-snap and anti-bump locks!

What is Lock Bumping?

Burglar breaking in

95% of all homes are fitted with pin based cylinder locks.

Pin based cylinders, typically found in timber, uPVC, patio and aluminium door locks, have no resistance to bumping.

Thieves can use lock bumping keys to open locks quickly and with minor disturbance.

This form of attack is prevalent across Europe and 80% of the locks tested could easily be bumped within minutes – most taking only seconds.

Lock bumping keys are a legitimate tool of locksmiths.

Unfortunately, as they are available legally, criminals also have access to them.

More disturbingly, when used by a burglar and no forced entry can be found; insurance companies often refuse to pay out.

What is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapped by thieves

Thieves can break into your home within seconds simply by applying enough force to the cylinder lock and snapping it at its weakest point.

Lock snapping does much more damage than lock bumping, but the result is the same; the thief has gained entry to your property. 

Break in damage to door handles

The Solution:

Anti bump and anti snap lock

Have your K-Lock locksmith fit cylinder locks that meet the highest security rating and are Snap, Bump, Drill and Pick resistant.

Our anti bump and anti snap locks meet the PAS 24 rating. PAS 24 rating is now the standard recognised by the Garda.

The security industry accept that the installation of cylinder locks incorporating both anti-bump and anti-snap resistance provide one of the best levels of physical security and the single most important form of 'Home Security' for home owners. 

Keyed Alike Suited Locks in County Kildare

Selection of Keyed Alike Locks

K-Lock Locksmiths are able to build keyed alike locks for our customers home or business in the Nass area.

Keyed alike locks are also sometimes called suited locks, this means that a number of different locks can all be operated using the same key.

If your home or business has lots of different doors including padlocks for entrance gates or outbuildings they can be built to all operated from the same key.

This can make life much easier as you don't need to carry large bundles of keys around, and if you have many staff that all need keys then you do not incur the cost of cutting lots of different keys for all your staff. 


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